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Argentum Nix has officially dissolved. If you still want to join a pack, we recommend Blood Lust. Find them here:

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¤°·Crow¤°·|The Purest Empty
PostSubject: ¤°·Crow¤°·|The Purest   ¤°·Crow¤°·|The Purest EmptyFri Apr 19, 2013 8:35 am

Crow was known as the "Purest" back at his destroyed pack that he misses dearly. Even though he had changed his loyalty towards the pack that raised him made him feel empty inside. As if he has a whole in his heart but he covers it up with aggression. He doesn't like to kill anymore but often does anyway he was a great wolf but destroyed by blood shed, vengeance, a crave for the kill, and hate. Maybe one day he will find the light but that day is far off as he doesn't want a mate for the time being.

Name: Crow
Nickname: Crow Feather (his old friends called him Blood and his closest called him Pure but most of his old pack began to call him that soon later)
Gender: Male|Brute
Rank: "Warrior in training"
Coat Color: Black
Markings: Has crimson markings on paws.
Crush: None
Mate: Nope
Pups: None yet
History: Crow was abanded as an newborn, he was adopted by the alphess called"Spark" and Alpha "Bloody" Both where crul leaders filling Crow's head up with violence. They tought he how to fight at the young age of one month. Everytime he missteped, did a move wrong, hurt himself, or whine he was punished. The pack was called "Pure Ones" only wolves with black coats and no other color or marking was allowed. Only the alpha's and beta's got "Special Markings" When they put colors on your coat it would stain and nothing could clean them off. Alpha's had dark red rakings and Beta's had red or crimson red. Crimsion was the most sought out color and only given to a ruthless killer. Crow was assigned the rank "Warrior" he later moved up to "Assassin" then "Beta" of which he had gotten the color crimsion. When being painted something snaped inside Crow and he tried to get away and just excape it all in the process he ran threw the crimsion color which painted his paws crimsion. While running away from his blood thirsty pack he smelt fire and stopped only to turn towards horr the image of burnt wolves in the distant. It was his pack How could he have just left and that happened? With pain from his loyal lost no matter how much they sickned him they where his family and he had turned his back for a moment and their dead. Crow soon found Blaze who also watched the distant smoke and ash of fire. His home destroyed he was ib search of another and when he heard of the wolf Blaze he set out to find her and join the pack he heard she had created. |
His pack had been destroyed by humans they had killed the wolves and set some on fire when Crow escaped he had been deep in thought and didn't even notice his friends cries and calls of pain. The only thing that released him from his thoughts was the smell of fire, smoke, ash, and blood.

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PostSubject: Re: ¤°·Crow¤°·|The Purest   ¤°·Crow¤°·|The Purest EmptySat Apr 20, 2013 11:37 am

Welcome to the pack, Crow. I got your PM, and in order to be a Warrior, you'll have to be a Warrior in Training for a bit first. Is that okay?
Glad to have you!
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Posts : 70
Aurum : 2298
Join date : 2013-04-19
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PostSubject: Re: ¤°·Crow¤°·|The Purest   ¤°·Crow¤°·|The Purest EmptySat Apr 20, 2013 5:48 pm

Yes that is fine I understand ^^
Thank you for the warm welcome I'm glad to be here. ^^
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PostSubject: Re: ¤°·Crow¤°·|The Purest   ¤°·Crow¤°·|The Purest Empty

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¤°·Crow¤°·|The Purest
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