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 Minor Hunting Grounds Roleplay

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PostSubject: Minor Hunting Grounds Roleplay   Minor Hunting Grounds Roleplay EmptyFri May 03, 2013 4:19 pm

Blaze padded out into the field beside the wood. She was still in the cover of night, so the mice wouldn't see her coming. She moved downwind and crept through the overgrown grass. Sniffing everything silently she gently pushed her way to the edge of the clearing. She found herself on the border of the woods. She was just about to turn around when she caught the scent of a rabbit. Before she knew it she was dashing after it and weaving through the trees with amazing agility. If only Ice could see me now. She thought to herself. Quickly realizing she had been distracted, she pushed the thought from her mind and leaped for the rabbit that ran right beneath her as she completed her jump, landing on top of it with such a force it's neck immediately snapped. She stood triumphantly, the rabbit dangling from her jaws Well, it's not a mouse- but it's a pleasant surprise! I'll see if I can get a few more mice before the sun rises. With that thought, the black fae headed back to the field. Once there, she dropped the rabbit into a nearby hole and pushed a large rock over it. Scavengers are too stupid to look under things She sighed, and put some grass around the rock, once she was satisfied that the rabbit was well hidden, she continued her night hunt.


The sun began to peek over the tops of the treed, dawn was here. Blaze sighed as she looked down at her catch. A rabbit, and three mice. It wasn't going to be much, but it might hold them over until they could bring down another elk. She picked up the prey gingerly, and headed back to the den.
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Minor Hunting Grounds Roleplay
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