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Argentum Nix has officially dissolved. If you still want to join a pack, we recommend Blood Lust. Find them here:

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PostSubject: Pack Description   Pack Description EmptyTue Apr 16, 2013 12:54 pm

ɅгɠєηϮʊɱ Ƞɨჯ
(Latin for "Silver Snow")

"The dirt beneath your paws was once the town square.
That treeless clearing yonder was once a temple.
You are standing on history, so much history.
Battles won, and lost; feasts held and spoiled.
You are standing on the final legacy of Rome."[/center]

    A fire wiped out Rome and it's surrounding area for a few hundred miles in the year of 3045.
It's only memory was in the wolves that managed to survive. Though nobody knows exactly how many survived, one wolf named Blaze believed it would be enough to begin a pack that would last until time ended. She decided to call her pack "Argentum Nix" which translated from Latin means "Silver Snow". She thought it was fitting. The pack would grow, and seemingly insignificant wolves would become like the snowflakes falling from a silver sky. Small and elegant when parted; yet harsh, with the force to control everything when combined in a single storm.



Their job is to make sure everything is working smoothly, and I mean *everything* One Alpha for now.
~ Blaze~ {NoLimits}


Wolves trusted by the Alpha, while not always pack-site mods, they often are. They are here to help you, and protect the pack. Two positions (must be earned.)

--- OPEN
--- OPEN


Elders are the wise wolves of the pack who, while not having the strength to physically lead the pack, often have more experience and are more logical than even the Alpha(s).

--- OPEN
--- OPEN
--- OPEN
--- OPEN


Meaning "Heal" in Latin, the Sanas are the healers of the pack. They know herbs and techniques to help other pack members.
--- OPEN
--- OPEN

Senior Warrior
While they are near joining the group of Elders, these wolves still have the physical ability to defend, and sometimes hunt for the pack.



The younger warriors of the pack They have successfully learned all they can from those teaching them and are ready to defend the pack. Warriors are permitted to take part in minor hunts.

--- OPEN
--- OPEN
--- OPEN
--- OPEN
--- OPEN

Warrior in Training

Also known as a "WiT" these wolves are out of their pup stage and ready to begin- or finish- learning what it takes to defend their pack with the help of more experienced warriors. Permitted to take part in minor battles.

--- OPEN

These wolves are young, and have learned what they can when it comes to feeding the pack- especially in the snow. Permitted to take part in minor battles.
--- OPEN
--- OPEN
--- OPEN
--- OPEN
--- OPEN

Hunter in Training
Also known as a "HiT", these wolves have concluded their time as pups, and are ready to start- or finish- learning how to feed their pack. Permitted to take part in minor hunts.
--- OPEN
--- OPEN
--- OPEN
--- OPEN
--- OPEN

Wolf pups that are too young yet to learn. They often get into little problems, make up games of their own, and annoy the elders- but the whole pack loves them anyway!
--- OPEN
--- OPEN
--- OPEN
--- OPEN
--- OPEN

Loner/ Pack friend
While the same thing for the most part, the pack knows pack friends are well, friendly but everyone is wary of a loner (wolves will start as loners when the register on the site, but if you want to be a loner for the sake if being a loner, fill out the loner/ pack friend form) there is no secret word. Both are allowed to take part in some RP, and get an idea of how the pack operates.

--- OPEN
--- OPEN
--- OPEN
--- OPEN

.: Other Pack Information :.

Rival packs: None
Ally packs: None
Pack colors: Light blue, blue, and silver.
Pack Motto: "Seemingly small and elegant when parted; yet harsh, with the force to control everything when combined in a single storm."
Pack Banner: None... yet.
Pack Site:

.: Pack Rules :.

1. No profane language.
2. All RP will be kept G-PG.
3. All pack members will respect ranks. If they are a higher rank: treat them as such regardless of age.
5. All mods/betas are accountable to Admins. No one else is to tell them their job.
6. There will be no backseat modding. (You can be helpful, but don't act like you have the power or knowledge of a mod- you don't.)
7. All pack members should post a MINIMUM of every week or they will be put on IEA (In Extended Absence.)
8. If you join another pack, it must be a different wolf as we may be at war with other *real player* packs. All loyalties lie here.
9. Have fun in the pack!

.: Forms :.

Simply PM these forms.
Pack application form
[b] Wolf Name:[/b]
[b] Wolf Gender:[/b]
[b] Wolf Description:[/b]
[b] Activity level:[/b]
[b] Rank desired:[/b]
[b] Why do you want to join our pack:[/b]
[b] What is the ninth rule?[/b]
[b] Are you willing to post a bio?[/b]

Pack friend/loner form
[b] Username: [/b
[b] Wolf name: [/b]
[b] Brief wolf description: [/b]
[b] Loner or pack friend: [/b]
[b] What is the secret word: [/b]

Pack ally/rival form:
 [b] Pack name:[/b]
[b] Pack Leader's Username:  [/b]
[b] Ally or Rival: [/b]
[b] Link to the pack's site or Wolf Quest page:[/b]
[b] Why do you want to be our ally/rival: [/b]

.: Other :.

Our newest member to the pack is: Holly!

Note: This is just my basic thread to get the pack up an running, I will continue to edit and decorate. Thank You!

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Pack Description
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